Intense lag after playing for a while.

Hi there.

I started playing TERA and when I play, after about an hour or so, i can feel the game gradually lag more and more. If I keep playing, my laptop will lag more and more until the laptop becomes unusable (to explain how much I lag : I got disconnected from Discord due to my PC lagging).
I got a P775-DM3, with a 6700K, and a GTX 1080.

I checked temps, and I really don't think they are the problem here. They hover around 80°C, but if I turn down graphical settings to the absolute minimum (ie temps go down), the lag doesn't go away, or doesn't get any better. It stays exactly the same. Until I close the game.

I tried playing without Throttlestop, but to no avail.

At this point, you might think this is TERA related, but I had a similar problem a few month ago, where if I left my laptop on for a while, the same kind of lag would happen, and I had to restart my laptop. I fixed it by formatting/reinstalling everything.
However since I reinstalled windows recently, I don't think this solution will help.

Since I don't know how I should fix this, I'm currently trying a few random ideas I can find on the internet until I find one that works.

I have one final, interesting piece of information however. I figured that since I didn't know what the problem was, I should probably try to get more info. And the problem was most likely CPU related. So i ran the ressource monitor, and I took 3 screenshots : one when I launched TERA, one a while later, and one once the lag started to really kick in.

It seems CPU0 slowly builds up CPU usage over 1 hour or so, and when it starts nearing 100%, the laptop as whole become unusable. This seems weird to me, because even if the game was overloading one core, I don't see why the whole laptop would grind to a halt.

I'll need to run a few more tests (ex : check CPU usage between mid and ultra low setting when I start the game, and once the game starts lagging, and maybe check for throttling too).

But if anybody has any idea for solutions or test to run, you're welcome.

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