Undervolting my CPU (I7 - 7820HK)

Hello obsidian lovers, I've been using my laptop (P650HP6G) for a couple of months now and i'm really happy with it but recently i came to notice some overheating on my CPU.
On idle it runs around 40°C. While doing some basic stuff, like surfing on the web, it raises to 50°C and while gaming it peaks to 80°C to 95°C.
i'm using CAM and it notifies me while gaming that these temperatures may damage my components overtime, so i'm a bit concerned about it.
I've been doing some research on the internet, some recommended using a cooling pad, others repasting the CPU and using liquid metal or undervolting my chip.
i've decided to undervolt since it's the safest and most effective method based on the reviews of the clevo based chassis. Can anyone help me with it? or is there anything else i can do to get lower temperatures?
Thank you =)
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