Custom 870TM


I'm looking for Obsidian 870TM

However I'd like a configuration that differ from the normal listed spec

1. WQHD 1440p 120Mhz, 5 ms screen - Other Clevo Resellers have this
2. Single 1080 instead of SLI
3. I'd like the Vapour Chamber cooler with a single 1080

Can you offer a custom config

Some questions

A. Will you offer the 780w power brick I've seen other resellers offer
B. IF no will is this 780w brick compatible with your laptops?
C. How likely is it you will offer the intel 9900K and the next gen 1080 - 2080 or wot ever they will call it? When available and if the graphics parts comes out on MXM of course

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