Some issues with external hardware (USB power)

Since a couple of days my P670 is my main computer at home and i'm using it with an external monitor and a wireless mouse/keyboard combination. There is no docking station involved. Mouse and keyboard are connected to a Unifying receiver USB (Logitech).

First, i cannot wake the laptop from any energy saving state with the mouse or keyboard. I think, that this has to to with the configuration of the USB ports in the BIOS. If the ports don't deliver power when the laptop is in sleep mode, the Unifying receiver cannot work. I don't know, what i have to change there. This also has the consequence, that every time i start the laptop all Unifying devices have to be initialized again. This makes sense in battery mode, but not in power mode, which my laptop is in 95% of the time at home.

Second, my external monitor can't get into sleep mode, because something is always activating the DP port of the laptop. It is trying to, goes black and immediately goes back on. Back and forth as a loop.

Any advice?

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