Celvo closed parts

I'm the owner of an old p170hm3 from 2011, trying to find an old graphic card compatible with my laptop, and since Clevo closed very hard the possibilities, is going very hard to find the right graphic card.

I'm really glad with Clevo computers, with the exception of this "close by firmware" thing. So if can't find a replacement soon, I will probably order a new Clevo, 775 in this case, but I would need to be aware of what is closed nowdays and what's not, because If I would knew this, I would acquire a new perfectly compatible graphic card (since is the part usually gets dead) and avoid all this headache.

So, my question is easy and clear:

What parts of a Clevo P775 are closed by Clevo?

Gpu I know it is, as dell/alienware, msi, others do.

Cpu?. What about that?, in far future will be possible to buy a compatible socket cpu and run, or it will be a problem too?

and about memories?, are them closed too?, are them signed in any way?

I guess screen is not signed, am I right?

Of course, I hope Hdd disk drives, SSD are completely free and open, right?.

Sorry about this questions, the first time I had no idea. If this happens to me a second time, better be my fault, so this time I permit myself to ask.

A greeting, and thanks for be there Obsidian, you really look awesome as a reseller.
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