PC Updater - a question and feedback / suggestion

Does PC-Updater keep a log of driver changes that have been made over time?  A driver install log would be very useful in debugging "what changed" scenario.  I see the list of copies that is kept, but I'm unsure as to what depth is kept (in terms of history).  It might be better to create a session for each driver update.

Why do I ask for this?  Well, since the last round of driver updates, I know have random blue screen crashes that end up in bug checks in the power system.  Something changed, and I'm trying to track it down.  To give you an idea - the other evening I got up from my computer and took the trash to the street.  Came back 5 minutes later and stared at a blue screen.

Also, one suggestion - I'm going through the application now, and in the model / cpu system box, I noticed a drop down that said "Select One".  I don't know if that was recently introduced or not, but it's pretty important.  It needs to be highlighted in a much more obvious fashion.  Maybe when an update starts, you can popup a reminder or something.

Just some thoughts.

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