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Hi. I bought a computer a couple of years ago, can't remember the model but It's a 17" inch display with an Intel I7-7700HQ and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti from your prebuilt section. And recently some weird visual bugs have been ocurring, very similar to graphical artifacts that usually happen when the GPU starts dying. The weird part comes from the fact that it only appears in certain desktop programs, in their literal window. These programs are usually Discord and the League of Legends Launcher (Steam has suffered similiarly but only once). The rest of the screen is fine and I've even played Doom and Minecraft since it started and none of those issues have been presented there. 
I suspected it was the CPU's integrrated graphics but I used the Intel Diagnostics Tool and it told me everything was functioning properly.
My questions are, what should I do? Should I be worried? Is there any more information I can provide?


Thank You for reading.

  • Dracyen
    I recently opened, cleaned and reset my computer. While it seemed to have worked the glitches came back after a little while. At this point, I suspect that the RAM is faulty. The glitches tend to happen when Chrome is open and recently while using Photoshop it kept mixing certain layers almost like it forgot what was happening. I'll leave an image as the example. In any case I'm going to buy another RAM stick to replace the one I have and see if that fixes it. If it doesn't at least I get an upgrade.
    Any assistance or insight would be appreciated.


    Thank you for reading.
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