DGPUfix and CMStatus exes

Hi All,
Looking for a little help troubleshooting issues with the above two programs flagging up multiple critical events in the windows reliability centre.

Had this Laptop (PA71HS-G) for about 3 years now, switched it on for the first time in about 6 months (i have a 2 year old and therefore all my old interests gather dust thanks to his whims!) and got a couple of blue screens in relatively short order.  When i've check in the reliability centre DGPUfix and CMStatus show up repeatedly as critical events (although to be fair not directly relatedt the bluescreens as far as i can tell).

Googling hasn't told me much except that they might have something to do with the switch between discrete and hybrid graphics.  All my drivers are up to date in the OBSIDIAN-PC updater app (some are actually ahead, don't remember doing that!?)

I'd appreciate any suggestions from those more experienced than i about what these programs are doing and what to try un/re-installing
many thanks

  • HUMBY50
    Uninstalled and reinstalled all the Obsidian software and this seems to have fixed the problem. I think i may have been running two conflicting versions of the software to maintain the ability to switch GPUs and this must have buggered something up.  Have now had it pointed out by support that GPU can be switched in BIOS so all is right with the world!
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