Power supply is dead


I got my P640 laptop a little over a month ago and it's working perfectly except the power supply decided to snap and stop working on its own. I contacted your Help Desk and got pointed to this product:

I noticed it has 180w instead of 150w like my dead psu. This is all well and good but if you knew the power supply was going to fail why didn't you include the better one in the first place?

Also, I find it ourageous that I should spend over a 100€ on a new power supply after a mere month of using your laptop (running stock configuration, just like you built it...). It's literally more money than I have on my bank account right now, also I need the laptop working again for school after Christmas.

I hope you can help me

    That model can have both 150W or 180W, both are enough.
    But since the 180W is at almost the same price i recommended you the 180W just because of that, since it´s the same price it does have the advantage of charging your battery a tad faster.

    I told you to purchase a new one because you told me a "fuse poped in your home" and from your text i was under the impression that what killed your AC was that power outage and you just wanted to purchase a new one...

    Obviously if you think this is actually a AC fault, we can exchage it, BUT you need to send it back to us so we can send you a new one.

    Please understand that warranty wont replace components that are damaged by external causes. But we can try.
  • xplosiw
    edited December 2016
    Ah, I understand. I think the fuse popped due to the power supply breaking since it has never happened before and we never have power outages. But I can try to gather money to buy a new one since it might take too long to send it back and receive a replacement.

    However the postal is almost half the price. Do you think you could send me a new AC with a lower postal cost than 50€?

    Thank you and sorry for the trouble
  • xplosiw
    edited December 2016
    Problem resolved, I will send the AC back for replacement. Or just buy a new one to support your store better. Thanks!
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