3K 120hz screens, and a few extra questions.

Hi guys,

I'm currently looking for a new laptop, and you seem to offer good products at a reasonable price. However I was interested in buying a P870DM with a 3K 120hz screen and a single GTX 1080, but you don't seem to offer these. So right now, I have a lot of questions for you :

1/ Will you offer the choice of using a 3k 120hz screen (not necessarily on the P870DM) at some point in the future ? I've seen it being discussed here and there on these forums, but the discussions were a few month old. Also if they become available much later, will you offer the possibility to upgrade an older laptop with them ?

2/ Would a P870DM with a single GTX 1080 have better thermal performance than a P775DM3-G with a GTX 1080? If yes, will you offer the possibility to have a P870DM with a single GPU in the future ?

3/ Do you take custom orders ? I don't care if I have to wait a few extra weeks but I'm not sure if you could do it.

Thanks !

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