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UPDATE Release for P751DM2-G

Version Number:
BIOS: 1.06.11SiO
EC: 1.06.06

Original OBSIDIAN-PC Highlights:
Update Release

Update release to reflect Manufacturer fixes and updates like ME and Microcodes.

The same as usual, lots of BIOS options in the menus - high customization from the BIOS screen

You can fine tune CPU / Power Limits / Turbo times / CMS and much more

Double Overclocking Menus
1st Overclock Menu:
Voltage Offset changed to "NEGATIVE VALUE" only use for undervolt
CPU Voltage and Cache Voltage are Linked!
2nd Overclock Menu for more fine tuning

Complete Control Over CPU options

Intel(R) Speed Shift Technology - Now Enabled by Default and option in BIOS

Boot performance mode - Now TURBO Performance by Default

OS Select - Now default is "Windows 10"

Full Security Menu Options for Password Set (BIOS / HDDs)

Advanced CSM Options

Advanced Thurderbolt Options

Much more...

Flash it using our OBSIDIAN-PC TOOLS app.
Or contact us and we will flash your unit remotely.
(Update Release - 10/08/2017)

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