[SOLD] P870KM-G GTX 1080 7700K

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Mint state, almost like brand new!
Fully revisioned by OBSIDIAN-PC and with warranty until 26/04/2019

<img src="https://forum.obsidian-pc.com/uploads/FileUpload/84/30c437fc6b505a4318180755e9cc78.jpg"; /><img src="https://forum.obsidian-pc.com/uploads/FileUpload/88/b0da6e96029797da9e450361a618f0.jpg"; /><img src="https://forum.obsidian-pc.com/uploads/FileUpload/f9/e9504ae545c6bb13c89d68f37239e3.jpg"; />

P870KM GTX 1080 8GB
Upgrade LCD to 4K 100% Adobe RGB - No G-SYNC
Intel i7 7700K (unlocked)
2 x 16GB HyperX Impact 2400 MHz, DDR4, CL14
1TB Samsung 960 Pro
Intel Wifi AC8265 & BT4.2
USA Keyboard - Can be replace at extra cost

Price: 2250€

Free Shipping to any EU country.

Laptop is at OBSIDIAN-PC warehouse, as requested by client.
Payment will be done directly to client and shipping is done by OBSIDIAN-PC.

  • veyronworld
    Looks great!
    1. Is the processor delidded?
    2. Is the current panel 4K or is that just an upgrade option? If it's the latter, what's the current option? And either way, is it IPS?
    3. What's the reason for selling the laptop?
    4. What are the temperatures like under load?
    5. Could I pay for extending the warranty?
  • CD.S.
    Hi, I’m the current owner of the laptop.
    1. The processor is delidded.
    2. The currrent panel is a 4k IPS with 100% Adobe RGB.
    3. I’m selling the laptop because it turned out I don’t game very often, plus I really hate Windows 10.
    4. Regarding the temperatures, the guys at Obsidian did an amazing job. Max 1 degree Celsius of difference between all the cores. I remember I’ve managed to run it stable at 5GHz on all 4 cores with -125mV and reaching max 92-93 Celsius under stress on automatic fan. I’ve been using it at 4.5GHz on all 4 cores to stay at around 75. This laptop never throttled while playing Forza Motorsport 6 at 4k ultra settings, consistent 60fps.
    5. ...
  • veyronworld
    edited December 2017
    Hey man! Thanks for your response.

    This sounds more awesome by the minute! You chose well!

    I'll think about it and come back to this thread later. And hopefully by then I get their response regarding the warranty extensions.

    And seeing as you were very happy, I hope both you and the new owner are satisfied (maybe myself). :)

    Oh and please add the IO options, the total weight, and the used thermal paste as well. It's pretty useful to know.

    To Obsidian: Would you guys allow the purchaser to downgrade the display at all? To a QHD display or a high refresh rate option while paying the added cost? (I assume the answer is No, but I'm just confirming that.)
  • veyronworld
    Oh and wait. 4K 60fps with Forza? Oooooh boy....
  • veyronworld
    Oh wow! That was fast!
    Well, congratulations to the new owner!
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