• B0B
    April 2017
    I'd love to have your BIOS flashed to my laptop! It's my understanding that you do this remotely too. I have noticed that some consumers are hesitant to allow this on their end. Afraid of security breach. I feel just the opposite and I have an idea for a video if you're comfortable with it.

    During the complete remote BIOS flash I could record the process with an external camera on a tri-pod. During the recording I would provide live commentary ultimately talking about what's happening and why companies such as Obsidian provide their BIOS flashing in this manner.

    The more people know this the more comfortable people will be buying these types of laptops.

    The thing with this type of laptop is that many desktop enthusiasts have been ditching their bulky systems for a more elegant yet powerful laptop. These people have built their own system, flashed their own BIOS and have disabled many of the "Spying" features their OS has. I'd like to ease their mind.

    Thank you,
      Well we do NOT do it remotely because of any special reason actually, we just do it because we can show how things are done, walk our customers and even optimize the unit along the way.
      Our remote sessions are like "hey let´s meet in the pub, i´ll show you how it´s done and check your system to see if everything is ok".

      I would love to do the video with you, i can open a Notepad and keep writing what i´m doing!
      Then maybe jumping to how to optimize your unit.
      Then maybe show you how to take care of Windows 10 security problems ;)
      We do this for our clients.

      I don´t see where security is at risk in this, most of our clients just update the BIOS using the app, but still they come to us with questions and sometimes we just connect to their laptop to explain stuff.

      For non-clients we have no simple way to allow everyone to flash the bios as it would involve sharing our BIOS files with everyone and other stores DO NOT like this, it voids the warranty and we do not want to start wars in NBR. Some stores will complain to the manufacturer if you start shaking things too much... we have learned this first hand :(

      You do know that if you flash our BIOS your store will void your warranty (unless you flash their BIOS back again).

      We are all about open source and sharing and community help each other.
  • pastapvz
    September 2016
    Bom dia, estava a pensar passar no vosso estabelecimento no sábado com um amigo meu, tinham dito para avisar quando fosse ai para caso tivesse interesse configurar uma máquina para demonstração.
    Assim sendo seria possível ver um P650 com a GTX 1060 a fincionar?Já agora agora gostaria também ver um P775 mas esse não seria necessário configurar, seria somente pela parte estética :)
    Fico a aguardar uma resposta vossa.

    Sérgio Silva
  • January 2016
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