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This forum is hosted and managed by OBSIDIAN-PC to offer all our clients a friendly place to discuss and share content about our products. Please remember that access to this forum is a privilege and not a right, which can be revoked by OBSIDIAN-PC at any time for reasons that include but are not limited to the violation of our Forum Rules. In order to keep this place as friendly and welcoming as possible for all, please read our Forum Rules carefully.

Keep in mind that the forum moderation rules serve only as guidelines. We reserve the right to evaluate and examine each incident on a case by case basis in order to decide on the action to be taken. Sanctions given may be more lenient or more severe depending on the case, including a temporary or permanent ban on the user Account.

Forum administration and moderation:
The forums are maintained by the OBSIDIAN-PC staff as well as our forum moderators. If you have a complaint regarding any of the Forum Moderation actions please send a Private Message to any Moderator.

Forum Rules:
The official language of this forum is English. Using other languages is allowed in special forum sections only.
Do not swear
Be relevant
The OBSIDIAN-PC Forums are for discussion of topics directly related to OBSIDIAN-PC products, topics irrelevant to OBSIDIAN-PC products are subject to deletion
Be constructive
When posting, please make sure you do so with good intentions. Refrain from posting when you don't have anything positive or constructive to say on the topic.
Your post should contribute to the discussion or the solution of the issue being discussed.
If the only purpose of your post is to be negative, it is not worth posting.
Be respectful
Show others the respect and good behavior you would expect to receive from them. Remember our forums are open for discussion to anyone.
Do not discuss moderation and sanctions
Read our Forum Rules to understand why your post was moderated
Do not include OBSIDIAN-PC staff names in your thread’s title
For any important or urgent matter, you should contact our Customer Support directly
Do not create topics/posts to share private conversations
Exchanges with our Customer Support Services and through private messages should remain private
Do not try to impersonate members of the Administration or Moderation Team
Trying to impersonate a member of the staff will result in harsh sanctions. Don’t do it!
Keep in mind that red text is reserved for staff members only!
Don't post in all CAPS, use a misleading title, and/or excessive punctuation, etc.
Do not "bump" posts
Do not use our forum to promote products from other brands

Don’t resort to personal attacks, abuse or harassment:
Racial or Ethnic slurs
Promotion of national hatred
Real-Life Threats
Spamming or Trolling
Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information
Links to websites containing any of the above mentioned cases.

Don’t spam!
Repeatedly posting the same content
Posting the same content in multiple threads
Multi-posting (creating several posts in a row within a short span of time)
Posting irrelevant content
Referral links, advertisements, etc.
Advertising for product sales of any kind
Advertising for services offered by individuals or companies
Excessive capitalization, use of fonts, colours or images
Bumping posts (unless it is expressly allowed in the sub-section)
Abusing the "Reported Post" feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages

Don’t discuss illegal/forbidden activities
Discussion of any illegal activity will result in the removal of the post and harsh punishments from the moderation team. Posts about illegal activity will also be escalated to the proper authorities.

Links to illegal software/content download
Links to hacks/illegal mods
Links to phishing sites
Posting cheats, hacks, Trojan horses or Malicious Programs
Advertising or asking for Promotional Codes selling or exchanging activities
Links to websites containing any of the above mentioned cases

No mature content
Pornographic materials of any kind
Imagery that show real life depictions of gore, death, horrifically violent acts, etc.
Art that shows nudity (full or partial), or sexually explicit acts or depictions of those acts
Links to sites showing any of the above

No inappropriate/sensitive topics
Avoid discussions about:
Social issues
Also avoid inappropriate names, avatars or signatures including controversial religious, political or historical figures.


The administration reserves the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the community dictate to ensure the smooth operation of this community.


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